How To Manually Restore Your WordPress Plugins, Themes, And Media Files – WPBackItUp (3)

This might take a while depending on the size of your WordPress site, but once the process has been completed, wordpress speed optimization ( click on the Exisiting Backups tab to download the backup to your computer and then you can move it to a special folder too. And that’s it – the previous site is gone and the backup has been restored. It can also be useful for syndicated content that’s displayed on third-party sites, giving content creators the credit for external page views. That’s it, easy peasy. If you are using SiteGround, you can force HTTPS in just one click. There are several reasons to update plugins, one of which is security.

There you will see two options- HTTPS Enforce and External Links Rewrite. There are several methods by which you can force HTTPS in your site. But before you can start blogging you need to verify your email address. The site opens with SSL/ HTTPS only when I type full address i.e: “”.

Now when I type the site name only, it automatically opens through secure HTTPS connection. Your site will open with HTTPS only when a user opens your site with HTTPS. After everything is done the site that had been contained in the package will have been installed on top of the existing site. Recently, I have installed an SSL certificate on my site. But make sure that you have properly installed SSL certificate or it wouldn’t work. This could make your website more vulnerable to WordPress security threats.

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  4. Now visit to your site and build your WordPress website in the localhost in the way you want
  5. Drag and drop design (images, text, photos, etc.)
  6. – embed a locally-hosted video in the page

In our previous article, I have discussed how to properly install free SSL certificate in WordPress. In this article, I have shown bot method. So, I have added a HTTPS redirection code in my .htaccess file, then the site is only accessible with HTTPS connection. However, if you have big plans for your website and see either massive growth or the need to handle more complex data and content, then Joomla is going to be the better option. By default Next.js uses query parameters to pass data to the page. When to Copy a Page? Some of web hosting providers allow you to force HTTPS from your cPanel directly.